How is research on bitcoin and
lightning different?

Testing apps and prototypes

Privacy is a large aspect which affects the process of UX research on bitcoin and lighting products. Often times we are testing out applications or websites which may contain sensitive information and so testing the personal lightning wallet of a user to conduct research will be less likely. Instead we can:

  • Test the application on a temporary lighting wallet but providing the tester with login info

  • Test out the application on a clickable prototype

Protecting the privacy of testers

Once we have conducted our research and we evaluate our research findings and start to share the insights with the team or the open source ecosystem. One of the other aspects to consider is ensuring that that data is shared in a way that creates a totally anonymous profile of the person who is being tested. We can do this by:

  • Removing their name from transcripts/data

  • Removing any personal demographic information such as the company they work for

  • Removing any personal financial info shared such as if they share the amount of sats they have in a lighting wallet

Every project is unique and so we created a list of questions that you can look through and see which question would be most relevant to your situation. After looking through those questions you’ll be guided to a set of tools that would help in answering those questions.